Dr Neeta Patel graduated at UKZN Medical School. After completing her undergraduate degree she completed a postgraduate qualification in internal medicine and went on to qualify as a Rheumatologist in 2001. She has worked in The Department of Rheumatology as the Head Clinical Unit since then. She held the position of Chairperson of the Postgraduate Committee and member of the Executive committee of the Department of Medicine. She now brings her years of expertise to Lenmed Ethekwini hospital and Heart Centre in Nandi Drive.

About Dr Patel

Dr Neeta Patel is an experienced Rheumatologist working in Durban having worked in the field for 18 years. She has vast experience in the management of acute and complex chronic rheumatic diseases. She is a proponent of holistic health care and incorporates these principles into her management plan. She has various research interests including haematologic abnormalities in systemic lupus erythematosus, Rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and arthritis in association with HIV infection.

Dr Patel is a member of the South African Rheumatology and Arthritis Association (SARAA), she is the past Academic representative and EXCO member of the SARAA to the College of Physicians of South Africa and a member of the biologics panel of SARAA. She is passionate about rheumatology training and education.

She is a member of GRAPPA.